The Mojo Breakout

So you liked my Swagger WordPress Theme, but you’re looking for something a bit flashier. Make sure to check out my official breakout onto the Mojo scene.

Creating The “Classic Portfolio” Video Series

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted here on the blog and an even longer time since I posted a new theme on ThemeForest, but that day has finally come! I’ve been working on a new theme framework for the last 8 months and have finally finished.

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My Blog Redesign

For those of you that are visiting my site for the first time, you may not realize that this simple little blog you’re looking at has just undergone some major renovations. I’m not sure if anyone is really interested in what has actually gone into this re-design, but I thought I’d share anyway the entire process from start to finish.

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NHL playoffs are about to start and this is totally shaping up to be one of the most awesome years ever. So, everyone please forgive me if my customer support over on Theme Forest is a little lacking over the next couple of months!

A Better Way to Add “Time Ago” to Your WordPress Theme

You may have noticed the cool little featured here on my personal blog where, instead of showing the date of the current WordPress post in the typical format, I’m showing it in the Twitter-like “time ago” format. In this tutorial I’ll show you exactly how I’m doing it and how you can incorporate the same thing into your WordPress theme.

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Life with gmail rocks! go to hell hotmail, and take your IE with you. And now I can finally use this little mac app, Notify. #lifeisgood

I snuck off tonight after a little work to see the movie Source Code, as I thought it would be a nice little Sunday night getaway for myself. I’ll be the first one to admit that it was a good movie and thought it was pretty awesome, but I couldn’t enjoy it the fullest because […]

WordPress 3 Menus

I realize this video would have been more appropriate when WordPress 3 came out a few months ago, but I still get a lot of questions in the customer support forums on Theme Forest that are simply general inquiries about using the menu builder. So, I decided to make a quick screencast and show everyone […]

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How to Make Your Own CSS Customizations Easily With Firebug

It can be difficult to jump into someone else’s CSS and start making changes. You shouldn’t have to spend a ton of time trying to make minor CSS changes with all the tools out there to help us. My favorite tool for this is the Firebug addon for Firefox. Firebug can be used for a […]

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