Twitter Bug in Themes With Theme Blvd Framework v2.0.0-V2.2.0

Because of some issues with the updated SimplePie class in WordPress 3.5, you may be noticing some strange quirks with special characters in your Twitter feed. This issue will be resolved with framework v2.2.1.

A Quick Fix

To fix yourself is very easy if you’re using a Child theme. Simply add this to your Child theme’s functions.php.

function my_tweet_filter( $text ){
	return htmlspecialchars_decode( $text, ENT_QUOTES );
add_filter( 'themeblvd_tweet_filter', 'my_tweet_filter', 9 );

How to know what version of the Theme Blvd framework you have?

Go to Appearance > Theme Options in your WordPress admin panel, and you will see the current framework version associated with your theme in the footer.

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  1. jason, I can’t get through the theme blvd. support site. i am a registered owner of Complexity, I have filed my license purchase number, and my account (psalms4us) has accepted my number. however, i cannot post on the forum and I CAN NOT UPLOAD MY THEME!! Please help me, I can’t get through any other door. help me please..

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