Theme Blvd Framework Update 2.1.0

I’ve been working on the 2.1.0 Theme Blvd framework update along side the all-new Jump Start project for awhile now. Jump Start isn’t quite ready yet, but this huge framework update is, which effects all of my version 2 themes.

Resource: Update Highlights

August 30, 2012: Jump Start was delayed a little bit, but not for lack of being worked on; trust me! Jump Start will inevitable released with framework v2.2.0. Stay tuned. Very cool stuff coming.

This framework update includes tons of little changes that have come up through several months of theme support and working with buyers. In addition to that, this update mainly focuses on improving the theme framework for developers. Many of the files have been re-structured and re-thought in order to accommodate an all-new API system and an entire website dedicated to providing developers with tutorials on how to work with the Theme Blvd framework.

Resource: Theme Blvd Developer Tutorials

What users should know about the update

I’ve done my best to make sure updating your theme is seamless, so the following information is not absolutely crucial, but are some good things to take note of for after you update your theme.

Resource: The Need-to-Know

What themes this applies to

  1. Akita – Updating from 1.0.x to 1.1
  2. Alyeska – Updating from 2.0.x to 2.1
  3. Arcadian – Updating from 1.0.x to 1.1
  4. Barely Corporate – Updating from 3.0.x to 3.1
  5. Breakout – Updating from 1.0.x to 1.1
  6. Prime Time – Updating from 1.0.x to 1.1
  7. Swagger – Updating from 1.0.x to 1.1

How to update

If you’re new to ThemeForest or updating your WordPress theme, make sure to check out this video on how to keep your theme up-to-date.

Resource: Theme Updates (video)

13 comments on “Theme Blvd Framework Update 2.1.0

  1. Hi Jason! Looking very forward to Jumpstart! We based one of our companies websites on Alyeska and are going to moving another one that was created in Drupal but it is stripped down it will be nice to start with Jumpstart. We will be waiting attentively! Thanks for awesome work and attention to detail. Your new documentation has already been a big help.


  2. Hi Jason, We are using your Akita theme on our site. I was wondering if you have the Akita theme available to use with Drupal.

    • No, sorry I’m only making WordPress themes. Right now as just one person, I don’t have the brain power to branch out into other CMS’s with how much time, learning, and work I’ve put into WordPress theme framework. But in the future, I definitely hope to get more into other things like Joomla and Drupal.

  3. I’m very interested in JumpStart. Do you have an approximate timeframe for when it will be available?

    Will it really be that different than building a child theme for one of your individual themes? I realize the CSS will be stripped down so there is less to have to override to make radical changes, but will you be combining all the options from all the themes? For example, instead of just a couple of menu bar looks will we have the option to choose any of the ones from all of your themes? Will it provide all the various textures and gradients from all the themes?

    Also, it would be great to be able to choose which “free theme” we got when buying the JumpStart. But I suspect the free one you refer to is just the basic gray JumpStart one. What will the child theme be like?

    • Hello Tim,

      Thanks for the interest, but I’m not sure Jump Start is going to be what you’re imagining. The actual is intention is that is has no stylistic options associated with it. It’s more meant for developers to add onto it from their Child theme in the same way frameworks like Genesis and Thesis work. So for example, if you had a client you were setting it up for, and you wanted them to have an option to change some color, you’d add the option via the Theme Options API and then configure the different resulting CSS on the frontend.

      It sounds like you’re imaging something more like Woo Theme’s “Canvas” —

      When I package the Jump Start theme, it’ll just come with 4-5 sample child themes that you’ll be able to demo before purchasing. I’m still working on these at the moment.

      I still don’t have a very good time frame. I’m just one guy doing it all 🙂 … Still working on the sample child themes, and the logistics of how it’s going to be sold, whether it’s on ThemeForest or not.

  4. Thanks for the info, Jason. I do understand it will be a non-styled theme framework. I was mainly hoping that it would come with a child theme or two like Akita or Alyeska. Those are wonderful themes, BTW, and even though I just invested a lot of time in redoing my website with another response theme I’d seriously consider switching over to one of yours.

    What I also was really hoping for and you may be saying it won’t have is for the framework itself to have several different menu styles, gradients, and textures to choose from. For example, all the menu options from Akita and Alyeska and your other themes. I’m proficient with WordPress coding, but have no design skills whatsoever 😉 I would love to have an arsenal of professionally designed CSS to be able to find the optimal look and feel for my site.

    Thanks for pointing out that Woo Themes framework. I had looked at some of their themes at one point (not that particular one) but wasn’t blown away by their look and feel. I think your themes are nicer looking 😉

  5. The Jump Start project looks very VERY promising and even the already available documentation is a class on it’s own, I think.
    There are other frameworks, but sometimes the documentation ist not ggeared towards developers or just too much and confusing. It seems like you’re able and willing to keep up a good and understandable project.
    I’am really looking forward to it.

  6. Alyeska 2.1.5 contains Theme Blvd framework v2.1, which already has the Layout Builder included. So, you don’t need the plugin at all because you already have it. So delete the plugin and just go to the “Builder” tab in your WordPress admin panel.

    If you need further support, please signup at our support forums and register your Envato purchases.

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