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Since I started posting my version 2 themes, many people have been asking me what happened to the built-in SEO of my old themes?

The SEO marketing gimmick

SEO is something that is beat to death around the WordPress theme community and is used for some nice marketing buzz, but at the end of the day, it’s all about not being shady and not doing things like keyword stuffing throughout your site, trying to place hidden links, etc. — It’s about your content matching what people are searching for.

And then when competing with other sites that also have similar content, it’s about how popular you are – Meaning how many other websites out on the Internet are linking to your website? And then how popular are those websites? When a website links to you, think of that as one vote for how search result worthy your content is. The more popular the website is that links to you, the more that vote counts.

These are things that no theme or plugin can give you.

How popular are you?

So, how do my themes tackle SEO?

Remember that a WordPress theme is meant to provide your WordPress site with the design, the styles, the overall frontend markup structure, etc. As theme authors we begin to vanish down the rabbit hole as we try to add every feature under the sun in an attempt to compete with other theme authors. However, I believe it’s important to encroach on “Plugin Territory” as little as possible.

Although many would argue that my themes breach the walls of “Plugin Territory” too much already, in regards to SEO, I include everything I believe that is relevant to the theme – Cascading header tags, compressed JS/CSS code, title tags in links, alt tags in images, sitemap template, etc etc.

When it comes to incorporating meta tags, title tags, no-follow tags, re-directions, etc, these are all things that can also be important; however, you can also get these features from tons of awesome plugins out there.

Why should you be limited to whatever features the theme author has stuffed in that may or may not be relevant to you? You should be able to choose your own SEO plugin to accomplish what you want.

Using “SEO by Yoast” with my themes

A WordPress plugin that a lot of people are telling me works great for SEO is SEO by Yoast.

I’ve done my best to make sure my themes are setup in a way that will work with any of the popular SEO plugins out there. However there is one thing I’ve noticed with playing with Yoast, and that is in regards to <title> tag customization from the plugin.

Since, I’ve done my best to give you a true theme framework, the way your theme outputs the title can be easily modified. Here’s what you’d do from your child theme’s functions.php to allow SEO by Yoast to format your title tags perfectly.

function my_title() {
remove_action( 'themeblvd_title', 'themeblvd_title_default' );
add_action( 'themeblvd_title', 'my_title' );

Note: For the above code snippet to work, you must using the Child theme format introduced in the framework v2.1 update as described here.

20 comments on “SEO in Theme Blvd Themes

  1. This is a very impressive site (especially for us non-coders). One question in general though – where is the best place to get support for your themes?

    Themeblvd seems to be off line (apart from the demo’s) so does this mean you support through Themeforest forums?

    WP, needs talented designers such as you – keep it up.

    • So just to be clear: for properly formatted title tags, the correct code snippet to insert into the Child functions.php file is:
      function my_title() {
      remove_action( ‘themeblvd_title’, ‘themeblvd_title_default’ );
      add_action( ‘after_setup_theme’, ‘yoast_mods’ );
      is this correct?

  2. I thought of a suggestion for a post like this is adding the custom image post into the media library insert. Example:

    add_filter( 'image_size_names_choose', 'custom_image_sizes_choose' );
    function custom_image_sizes_choose( $sizes ) {
    $custom_sizes = array(
    'slider-large' => 'Slider (large)',
    'slider-staged' => 'Slider (staged)',
    'grid_fifth_1' => 'Grid Fifth 1',
    'grid_3' => 'Grid 3',
    'grid_4' => 'Grid 4',
    'grid_6' => 'Grid 6',
    return array_merge( $sizes, $custom_sizes );

  3. Hi,
    So buyers of your theme who want SEO friendly URLs should:
    1) Download the SEO plugin from Yoast on WP site
    2) Modify the functions.php file in child theme per your code above
    3) Use Yoast SEO to modify URLs

    Suggestion: A video would be great for newbies to your themes.

  4. Thanks Jason,

    Great info here. I nearly crapped my self when I looked at the source and saw the title repeating it self. Once i updated the functions.php in the child theme, everything worked great!

    Before I read this post I tried to modify the header.php file and that didn’t work. You know – do before reading. I changed it back and now everything is fine.

    • Hello,

      Yes “All in one SEO pack” should be compatible. All of these SEO plugins control things that are unrelated to the theme and that’s why you shouldn’t have any problems. — That’s what I was trying to get at in the above article.

      The only little thing where these plugins and the theme intertwine is when we talk about the “title tag.” So, you may have to use the same fix I talked about in the last section of the article.

  5. I’ve tried a few SEO plugins, but they’ve never really helped with anything. When I took some time to organize the header information by hand, it really helped.

    Though, I have seen some success with Yoast and the all-in-one pack on other sites, so I suppose it depends on what is started with.

  6. Is this code still needed?

    I’m using Yoast SEO

    I just compared the code of a page on my site.
    Before adding the above lines to the bottom or the child theme’s functions.php was exactly the same as after I added it.

    Did I do something wrong, or is it no longer needed?

    What is it ‘fixing’? What change should I be looking for?
    Really don’t want to spend time making everything right in Yoast only to find out that it’s not being implemented properly so looking forward to getting to the bottom of this.

  7. One thing I might add is that if you are using Yoast SEO, after you add the code to the child theme’s function.php file, you need to make sure you have selected “Force Rewrite Titles”. This will finish of the correction.

    Hope this helps.


  8. Nice work Jason! I should say that the All-In-One SEO plug-in works well with your themes. Thanks for all the help with Aleyska over the past 4 years. It’s worth every cent.

    Eager to see the TABS sidebar plugin work with Aleyska in the near future.

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