Creating The “Classic Portfolio” Video Series

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted here on the blog and an even longer time since I posted a new theme on ThemeForest, but that day has finally come! I’ve been working on a new theme framework for the last 8 months and have finally finished.

I’ve released the first theme, Swagger, and now I’ve had a couple people asking me, “What happened to the built-in portfolio system of your old themes?” Well, the truth is we can throw that old system out the window because the new system is so much more flexible.

So, to help ease the transition I wanted to post this video series on creating the “Classic Portfolio” in the all-new version two of Theme Blvd WordPress framework.

Part 1: The Posts

Within the framework I like to say, “A post is a post.” – Meaning there are no more Portfolio Item custom post types. Creating what you consider to be a portfolio starts with how you want to confgure the posts that act as the items in your portfolio.

Part 2: Post Grid Page Template

The quickest way to implement the classic portfolio is to use the Post Grid page template. This video will take you through the page template and show you how it works.

Part 3: Post Grid Shortcode

Another way to incorporate your classic portfolio into your site is with the

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shortcode. This can come in handy if you’re looking to incorporate grid of posts within content of a page or intermixed with other theme shortcodes and custom HTML you’re putting into a page.

Part 4: Layout Builder

If you want to get super fancy with your classic portfolio, you should definitely look into using the Layout Builder to incorporate your grid of posts into a custom layout.

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    • Sorry but I only make WordPress themes. I’d like to get into some designing some tumblr themes in the future if I have time, but they could never have this kind of functionality.

  1. My webmaster built my site using your theme. There seems to be an issue with IE 9, displaying the pages correctly. I’m interested in any suggestions you may have to solve the problem. Thanks!

    • Hi Dave,

      Feel free to have whoever purchased the theme contact me through ThemeForest for customer support, and I’d be glad to look into the issue for you guys.

  2. Hi Jason,
    I’m working with Aleska theme at the moment and it’s a great theme. The tutorials are really wonderful too. There is one thing I can’t figure out when using post grid. My work is all different sizes (web, ads, etc.) The post grid thumbnails aspect ratio seems fixed and won’t show the entire image, which is what I want. I also can’t figure out how to limit my post so the text that is associated with the post grid is shorted to just a sentence or two (so then a user has to click “more Info”). Any suggestions?

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