I Can Start My Own MySpace? Really?

Maybe starting your own MySpace isn’t too realistic, but you can start your own social networking site. This actually is becoming a bit of an trend on the Internet. People are starting little social networking websites that cater to specific niche’s.

Why start a social networking website?

Well, the basic idea here is pretty straight forward. Any website you you can build that gets a lot of traffic is worth money. Typically the idea behind making money with a social networking website would be through advertisements. You build up a social networking website filled with Los Angeles singles surfing around, posting comments, checking messages, etc, and then you hit ’em with ads.

Also, you’ll find that it’s becoming more and more popular to attach some sort of social networking feature to your existing website. Adding that “community” aspect to your website is a sure way to retain some visitors and give something to come back for. This concept is definitely nothing new. Webmasters have been tagging on forums to their websites for years, but now it’s pretty easy to do even more than that.

So, how is it possible for me to start a social networking website?

There are a few scripts out there that allow you to create social networking websites, but SocialEngine is by far my favorite. SocialEngine is a PHP/MySQL script that’ll give your website a ton of community functionality with things like member profiles, messages, comments, forums, photo galleries, blogs, music sharing, and a lot more. SocialEngine can be used as a stand-alone website or can be used perfectly as an addition to your current website.

Unfortunately SocialEngine isn’t free. For a single license, SocialEngine will cost you $250 for the core software. Then you can add on various plugins such as Photo Albums, Blogs, Groups, Chat, Videos, Classifieds, Polls, etc. These plugins generally cost between $30-$40 each. It doesn’t stop there. There are many 3rd party developers out there that sell plugins, as well. There are also websites where you can buy SocialEngine templates.

Has anyone made it big with SocialEngine?

RetailMeNot is a great example of a company who was able to cash in by using SocialEngine.


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